Nursery Garden

A working area, but one where visitors are welcome. 3 small greenhouses, cold frames and a large work table. A new polytunnel elsewhere adds to the spaces I have for seed sowing, cuttings and growing on of plants for the garden and, on tables adjoining here, for sale.

Clare Takacs

We are trying to offer for sale plants specific to and from the garden, and will work to build up a good selection of these.


Originally part of the Rickyard, levels were altered when restoration work on the house was done. The greenhouses, acquired over the years,  are named Tom, Dick, And Harry. As an erstwhile hot air balloonist I worked for Tom and Dick at Thunder Balloons – and of course we built a balloon called And Harry. 3 Welsh Black steers when I was farming became Tom, Dick, And Harry, so now the greenhouses – a strange series of links! In Dick you will find my collection of Cacti and scented Pelargoniums. Do touch the leaves and experience the different scents, a tactile experience not to be tried with the cacti of course. In Tom And Harry we shelter Aeoniums, Colocasia, Aloes and other succulents and bring on the Cannas and Dahlias.


Aloes & succulents


We rely on visitors and donations to support our work and keep the garden blooming for all to enjoy. Please support us by making a donation with your tickets.