The Quarry

A place of arrival or beginnings. Originally, before the stone was quarried, the lane trundled on past here towards the house. Now it forms an ante-room, a lobby, to the garden proper, somewhere to pause and set your bearings.

There are three ways from here, three approaches meaning a choice to be made. This garden has no set route but is rather a place for exploration, a place to construct your own journey.


Originally a working and parking area The Quarry was gradually planted with specimen trees and shrubs. The large coppiced Eucalyptus I grew from seed and brought with me in 1994. As a seedling it is indeterminate and I have no varietal name for it. Other ‘specials’ followed.

Stuartia monadelpha winter bark

Stuartia monadelpha winter bark

Shrub view, autumn

Shrub view, autumn

Stuartia flowers

Stuartia flowers

Rosa Kiftsgate

Rosa Kiftsgate

The central oak, Quercus coccinea, was planted for my eldest son and has led to the family all having a personal oak tree here. Gradually this area has become more planted, cars and the stuff of earthly travail (the muck heap!) moved further out.

Quercus coccinea (Scarlet Oak) This one is planted for my eldest son, Rupert.

Quercus coccinea (Scarlet Oak) This one is planted for my eldest son, Rupert.

There are currently plans to refresh the planting by removing most of the herbaceous plants and bringing greater cohesion with an evergreen understorey. This will be made up from Sarcococca, Choiysa, Hebe, Bergenia et. al.

Plant List


– Drimys winterii

– Stuartia x 4 species tbi

– Quercus coccinea The Scarlet oak

– Magnolia Wilsonii

– Magnolia ‘Caerehay’s Surprise’

– Magnolia ‘Phillip Tregunna’

– Magnolia ‘Atlas’

– Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ (lutea)

– Magnolia ‘Star Wars’

– Magnolia ‘Genie’


– Cotinus ‘Grace’

– Mahonia japonica

– Kolkwitzia amabalis

– Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’

– Sambucus nigra ‘Black Beauty’

Herbaceous Perennials

– Phlomis russeliana

– Euphorbia amydagloides ‘Blackbird’

Bulbs, Corms and Tubers

– Early Spring bulbs in variety including galanthus and narcissi

– Tulipa Ballade

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